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Long Healthy Relaxed Hair

Over the years, society has associated hair with beauty, youthfulness, strength and even, masculinity. There are plenty of things that one can do with hair and one of the most popular is having relaxed hair. Knowing what products work effectively will help in growing out healthy relaxed hair.

There are different ways to take proper care of your relaxed hair and make it grow. Avoiding hair breakage or damage can definitely help increase hair length. There are hair care procedures and treatments that can be done at home or with a hair care expert. Learn how you can keep your relaxed hair healthy and growing through the following tips.

Protect Previously Relaxed Hair

Relaxing previously relaxed hair can cause the ahir to be over-processed eventually leading to thinness and breakage. Protecting the length of the hair to the ends creates a barrier between your hair and the run-off of the relaxer.

Weekly Light Protein Treatments

Using reconstructors under a hooded dryer for 15-20 minutes is the best thing for the strands. Protein causes the hair to sell in diameter, therefore increasing the thickness. Protein treatments strengthen and fortify the hair preventing breakage

Moisturize But Don’t Over Do It

The process of relaxing strips the hair of its natural oils. Without proper moisture, hair can get easily damaged, and relaxed hair is usually fragile. There are different methods that you can do at home to moisturize your locks

Trim Split Ends

Trimming may be counter-intuitive especially if you’re growing your relaxed hair.How does trimming help? Relaxed hair can be prone to split ends. It is important to remove damaged ends, as these negate hair growth.

Split ends can travel up to the hair shaft and can lead to further hair damage. Trimming keeps hair healthy as it grows.

Don’t over relax

Seeing new growth too soon? This can be a struggle but remember that relaxed hair is more susceptible to breakage and damage and using chemicals too often will only break your hair down more. If you must relax your new growth every 4-6 weeks, be sure to only apply the relaxer to your roots. If you can stretch the time between relaxers to 8-12 weeks that’s even better.


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